New Favorite Dress & A Little Birthday Reflection :)

I really like Amal’s dress in this picture and have been thinking about finding a similar one for myself, until I remember that I have this thrifted dress from my latest trip to Passer Baroe with FD girls! It’s not exactly the same, but it’s got the same laid-back feel that I really dig about these kinds of dresses.

I love it so much that I actually wore it for 2 days in a row! (Oh come on, I wasn’t sweating much on the first day :D)

I also just celebrated my 33rd birthday last Tuesday on July 13 and even though I didn’t do anything special on that day, I still get to do a little reflection on my life and happy to report that I couldn’t find anything that I feel strongly negative about. I feel extremely grateful that I’m living the kinda life I’ve always wanted for myself and don’t feel the need to look back and regret whatever it is that I did or didn’t do. I don’t mind getting older if it means I am more and more content about what I have and feel less and less bothered by the things I don’t have.

However, I did make a rather important decision to change something about my health and appearance. I can’t share too much right now but I am planning to document that change in Fashionese Daily. I really hope this new “project” of mine will turn out successfully and it will be even better if I can somehow inspire others to do the same :)

Anyway, among many birthday wishes I got that day (which I am so very grateful of) a dear friend of mine greeted me happy birthday and asked how I old I am. When he heard my age, he said “50 is now the new 30 and 33 is NOTHING!” Well, who am I to argue with him, right? :D