Erhalogy Simply Remove

The first step to taking care of your skin is actually cleansing. Even if you didn’t do anything all day, but to stay at home relaxing, you still need to cleanse your face. Debris can build up on your face after a day and everyday there’s dead skin cells need to be lifted. Therefore, it’s important to cleanse your face on daily basis.

How much do you need to cleanse your face? Usually you can do it twice a day – day & night – and maximum three times a day. Anything more than three will only hurt your skin because you will be stripping it from it’s natural moisture.

If you’re finding a cleanser which will do excellent job in removing your make up and in addition simple as well, then Erhalogy Simply Remove is the perfect product for you!

Erhalogy Simply Remove is a moisturizing Cleanser Gel with Antioxidant that contains Vitamin E to maintain skin suppleness and elasticity with added Pro Vitamin B. Some cleanser tend to be dry, but this one doesn’t because it’s already completed with moisturizer.

It’s a simple cleanser because all you need to do is to apply this cleanser to your face (and neck when necessary), massage the cleanser gently with up-circling motion. Wipe the cleanser with cotton pad or by rinsing it with water. But it’s safe even without water rinsing. You will need to wipe off the gel immediately, since it’s a moisturizing cleanser, the moisture will be absorbed by your skin after a period of time.

The good news is that this cleanser able to remove heavy makeup and even waterproof eye makeup. If you’re using heavy eye makeup, you may need to reapply the cleanser again on the eye area to remove the makeup entirely. It’s safe for eye and lip area.

As if its not enough, the price of this product is only Rp 60,000 for 60g! That’s truly what we called value for money.