Kawaii Hair by Shunji Matsuo by Hisato

Shunji Matsuo, a top international hair stylist hailed from Japan with long and impressive resume as well as clients from big cities of the world such as New York, Japan and South East Asia. His clientele includes Hollywood celebrities and models such as Uma Thurman, Cindy Crawford and Andie McDowell, to name a few. This Kobe born hair stylist started his career as a top stylist in Rosemary Osaka and moved to New York afterward to work under Suga Yusuke.

Shunji is known for his hair design style that is branded ‘sensible avant garde’. He believes in the concept that ‘every woman’s hair beauty and perfection is unique and different to each individual’. Therefore, he foresees that women need stylist that can give personalized tips  and customized service to women according to their hair condition instead of a uniform one. Shunji repeatedly said that ‘Understanding a client’s lifestyle is important to develop a strong visual image, combine trends with cutting techniques to create an appropriate hairstyle’.

We heard, because of his amazing hair styling skill, a lot of Indonesian socialites and celebrities even chase him down to his hair studio in Singapore whenever he’s there. Now hair styling ala Shunji Matsuo is available within your reach at Dharmawangsa Square Level 2 with the newly opened hair studio under the direction of Hisato Suzuki, one of Shunji Matsuo’s top stylist that has joined him for 8 years. In charge as the International Director (hair designer and instructor), he has gained certificate from Ayami Hair and Beauty School and also Beautician School in Australia. In total, he had over 13 years of experience in the hair styling arena.

Shunji Matsuo by Hisato is a collaboration between Shunji Matsuo with Rufi Susanto, a visionary entrepreneur who has a vision of expanding this hair studio into 200 outlets all over Indonesia in the next five years. Not only he wants to expand the network, but he also wants to open a hair academy that is acknowledged by the Ministry of Education of Indonesia through a  proper certification. He said that this idea might not happen in one day, but he has started to convey the message to the Ministry that they need to recognize the importance of proper certification in the field of hair styling. He said that in the next five years, Indonesia should be able to send skilled hair stylists abroad and not just as assistants.

I was lucky enough to be invited and get an appointment with Hisato himself. I stepped into the chic salon and was immediately  greeted by the friendly staff before they ushered me to get my hair washed. Afterwards, Hisato came and asked me about the haircut I wanted. I told him I just like to keep my hair short, but any style is fine and I was open to any suggestion. He observed my hair and commented that my hair has grown a little bit long (uh huh) and looks flat on top (my biggest problem!). So he told me he was going to give me a fuller body and make the cut look more modern. Sounds perfect!

As you can see in the photo, Hisato was cutting my hair while it was still wet. (Isn’t he hot, ladies? :D) He explained to me that the technique they’re using at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio is called Zone and Section, where haircut isn’t only about vertical and horizontal lines but they also pay extra attention the the diagonal, which will create the kind of shape and contour to the customers’ hair.

After the wet cut was done, he checked my hair with razor-sharp eyes (pun-intended) before asking one of his assistants to blow dry my hair for the next step.

Hisato then proceeded with the zone hair cut, that is cutting my hair dry to really see what the hair’s texture is like and get it right.

A little styling and voila! I stood up with a fresh haircut that looks modern and chic. I also love that instead of parting my hair, Hisato gave me a soft bang that freshens my entire look and…ahem..makes me look a bit younger :D

One thing I have to mention is that this haircut is totally easy to maintain! It takes me less than 5 minutes to style my hair and that already includes blow drying!

Anyway, if you want to book an appointment with Hisato, do call in advance because he travels back and forth between Singapore and Jakarta. A haircut with him will set you back for Rp. 500.000 while the other two stylists (Shunsuke Sugai & Subasinghe Yuta) will charge Rp. 400.000.

Shunji Matsuo by Hisato is located at Dharmawangsa Square The City Walk, 2nd Floor, Unit 38-40

Phone: +6221 7278 6760  e-mail info@shunjimatsuo.co.id