YSL Parisienne

YSL recently launched its latest fragrance in Indonesia Parisienne.The very risqué TV ad featured Kate Moss, writhing about in the backseat of a limo while having flashbacks of a very naughty encounter she had the night before. The print ad showed her walking down the stairs in the break of dawn, clad in black leather jacket, black leather corset and pencil skirt, hair a bit disheveled, eyes smoked out (but still perfect of course, it’s Kate Moss!) carrying a single blush rose. What has she been up to? Only Paris knows.

The fragrance was created to capture that mysterious and sultry side of Paris. It was made for women who’s not afraid to love and to live and has been ‘adopted’ by Paris (thus explained the decision to choose Kate Moss as the face, even though she’s not French).

When I saw the ad during the launch and read the description, I thought I was going to get some unusual fragrance, floral with “an edge”, if you will. Because the notes listed are: vinyl accord, cranberry, blackberry, damask rose, violet, peony, patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood and musk.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t get the edge at all. Parisienne opened with very sweet and syrupy berry notes and well, not much else. After a while, a hint of rose and peony starts to bloom in the middle, but the berry notes are still very present and the sweetness still persists. Not much is going on after that until it reaches the base notes which provides depth that I am so desperate for, but unfortunately not enough sexiness and sultriness as what I expected it to be.

The verdict? If you love sweet fruity floral fragrance, you should try YSL Parisienne. As for me, to quote my favorite perfume reviewer, Robin from Now Smell This blog, when describing this perfume in comparison with YSL’s classic fragrance, Paris “Paris is about romance, Parisienne is about something else — what, exactly, I’m not sure, but I’m having trouble connecting it to Kate Moss in black leather.”

YSL Parisienne EDP (90 ml) retails for Rp. 835.000