Another Indonesian Beauty Haul, this time Stiletto51

Sila aka Stiletto51 in the forum, was another winner of the Best Indonesian Beauty Poll. Here’s what she hauled.

What product(s) did you spend your prize money on? How much do they (each) cost?

I didn’t have enough time to go to Pasar Tebet to do my spree (haggling is an art!), so I decided to go to the Martha Tilaar shop at the Grand Indonesia instead, since it’s located next to my office building.

My shopping experience? Well, I walked in with FD prize cash of Rp250,000, and walked out with a Rp337,500 receipt. That should say something about my haul. :D

Here’s my shopping list:

  1. Sariayu Loose Powder in Kuning Langsat Rp8,000
  2. Sariayu Blush-on in Nias Rp29,500
  3. Sariayu Blush-on in Toba Rp29,500
  4. Sariayu Eye Shadow in Muara Kuin Rp29,500
  5. PAC Two Way Cake in 02 Ochre Rp121,000
  6. Caring Colours Beauty Guide vol 01. How to Take Your Career to the Top Rp80,000
  7. My Favourite Lipstick Rp40,000 (custom-made lipstick)
  8. Biokos White n Clear Granular Cleansing Foam, free (bonus for purchasing  above Rp300,000)

Wow, that’s a lot. Tekor nih ceritanya? Review them for us?

Sure, here they are!

Sariayu Loose Powder in Kuning Langsat

This is my fave daily loose powder! Granted, I never had the chance *cough, budget* to try on high end loose powder like NARS or MUFE, so I can’t really make any comparison. But really, what can possibly beat a great loose powder with only 4 digits of numbers in its price tag? :D

The coverage of this loose powder is medium or above and the lasting power is decent (actually, it gets dewier after a few hours, which I love!). I can’t comment much on oil control since I have normal-dry skin. Kuning Langsat is strongly yellow in the pot, but it blends to my NC25 skin beautifully without making me look like a pumpkin. It has quite a strong powdery scent, so if you’re sensitive to perfume, I don’t recommend using this product. This is my third pot, and I will continue re-purchasing this until another powder rave in FD I see worth trying. :P

Left: PAC Two-Way Cake; Right: Sariayu Loose Powder

PAC Two Way Cake in 02 Ochre

I’ve always wanted to try this compact, though can’t really remember why I haven’t purchased it until now. I bought this in 02 Ochre, which is a warm beige, not as yellow as Sari Ayu Kuning Langsat. The coverage is medium; in fact, the Sari Ayu loose powder (the one described above) provides better coverage compared to this, hard to believe isn’t it?. The lasting power of the compact is great though at about the half day, it kind of oxidizes on me, but still on tolerable level. The powder is not completely matte, it has a sparse soft shimmers, not that obvious, but if you look at your face closely, you can definitely tell. That is a bummer for me since was aiming for a matte two way cake when I decided to buy this.

One thing that I like is that they don’t put their sponge right above the pan like most compacts do (I always end up dropping the sponge with compacts like that). But the packaging can be improved. I mean, I really don’t get the square on the bottom and circle on top design of their packaging. But overall, I’m liking this compact for touch-ups and as on-the-go makeup.

Sari Ayu Blush On in Nias and Toba 2010

I already have their the eyeshadows from this collection, and I love them, so I was intrigued to try on their blushes. Nias is coral peach-medium brown, while Toba is lavender pink-deep plum. They’re shimmery, but doesn’t leave chunky glitter when applied. The pigmentation is not as great as the eye shadows, but this is rather a plus for me and my heavy hand. I do need to re-apply my blush after lunch hour though, so the lasting power is only so-so for me.

My favorite of the two? I gotta say that I like Nias better, it gives just the right amount of glow on yellow complexion (that, and Toba’s plummy shade kinda enhance my blemishes). =))

Sari Ayu Eye Shadow in Muara Kuin 2008

This is one of their 2008 eyeshadow collection along with Intan. It consists of 3 shades: a goldish green (my mom took a peek of the pallete and said, “Apa inii.. kaya telek ayam“), a light peach colour, and a deep maroon.

Despite of what my mom said, the telek ayam is really gorgeous. I find myself reaching for this repeatedly when I want to smoke out my eye. I used to do this with charcoal grey or dark silver shadows, but I found this colour gives me a more humble result, suitable when I want to look less dressy. This colour is more versatile than my expectation, I can use it to smoke out almost any colour.

The light peach doesn’t really show on my lid, so I ended up using this as a brow highlighter.

The maroon one is rather unique, the texture is creamier than the previous two. And instead of shimmer, this one is glittery. Not only that, when applied, it is not maroon at all. On me, it shows as a garnet brown, the colour looks very elegant, but am still not sure bout the glitter. Not a fan, but not hating it also.

Caring Colour Beauty Guide Volume 01: How to Take Your Career to The Top

OK I confess, I fell  in love with the packaging. I honestly don’t care about the products inside, they can be as crappy as crayons and I will still buy this palette (marketing success? ha!) I bought Volume 01, because in addition to the shades being the most neutral amongst the collection (you can’t really go wrong with brown+gold shadows and peach blush), I also considered giving this as a gift for my little sister. She’s starting a new job soon, and the name of the palette seems suitable for the occasion, don’t you think? :D

My Favourite Lipstick

At Martha Tilaar GI, you can make your own, customized lip colour. How cool is that! They have jars of colours, all different in shades, textures, and finishes. We are free to spoon up about 5-6 spoons from the different jars to mix and stir on a heated dish. The finish colour will then be poured into a 10 gram jar. You will also get a travel size lip brush and a nice little linen pocket to store them.

Below the right is my result, what do you think? I aimed to make something similar to MAC Kinda Sexy shade, but as you can see, I kinda failed. Thus the name. :P

Biokos White n Clear Granular Cleansing Foam

I received this product as a gift for purchasing more than Rp 300,000. From the name, I expect this to be some sort of scrubbing foam, but I don’t feel or see any ‘granula’ in it. As a cleansing foam, it does the job well and doesn’t dry my skin any further. It has a jamu-like scent to it, but doesn’t bother me. I’ve been using this for a week, so far no bad news, but also nothing special. I don’t think I’ll repurchase this product.

Thanks for a great review. And no, I don’t think the lippie kinda failed, it looks…wearable :D  Enjoy your haul!

Editor’s Note: The Martha Tilaar Group is in the process of re-naming all their Puri Ayu stores to ‘Martha Tilaar’.