Building a Basic Jewelry Collection

Just like shoes, bags and clothes, we also need to put a lot of thoughts into buying jewelries. In fact, we need to put extra thoughts if the jewelry we are going to buy is made out of gold or diamond or anything with value. Just like our wardrobe, picking out jewelry relies hard on our own personality and the kind of lifestyle we’re leading. If we spend most of our time outdoor and our activities involve flat shoes and some sweat, we will by default pick the simpler ones and vice versa. For that reason, I believe there is no rule when it comes to building a jewelry collection. There is of course a set of guidelines if you want to follow advice that lean towards a classic style, but there are so many to choose from out there that it’s just hard to ignore them.

I have to admit that I don’t have an extensive knowledge regarding gold jewelries. The thought of going to a jewelry store doesn’t sound so practical to me.  First I have to ask the seller to bring out what I want to see and then I have to ask about the carats,  the weight (all that I don’t understand) and then negotiate the price. Not to mention that most of the styles they have are pretty old-looking.

But I recently  learned about UBS gold and it gave me a slight of hope regarding visiting the jewelry store, because now I have a bit of knowledge to start with. Basically, UBS is a universe of gold. When you go to a jewelry store, you will find the ones with UBS letters embossed on it. That emboss certifies that the jewelry you buy is made out of the best quality and comes from trustworthy source. Everything meets the International standard. They are also easier to resell, should you have the need to replace it with another one. The style is also more up to date as they have different brands to cater to different tastes.

For the past few years, here’s what I’m basing my collection on:

  • Two-Tone Jewelries

I always wear my white gold wedding ring every single day. Sometimes I pair it with my gold watch, but there are also times when I opt for my white or silver watch. So the result? A combination of white gold and yellow gold jewelry on my wardrobe. Two-tone jewelries help blend everything nicely :)

  • Gemstone Jewelries

For the time being, I prefer gemstone than diamond. Why? Well, first of all they are more affordable :D Second of all, the colors add more characters and allow for more personalization as you can choose the color that you want, or pick your birthstone. They are also a bit mystical in general as some have healing properties.

  • Swarovski Encrusted

I haven’t ventured out to diamond yet although I kind of like the bling factor of it :D That’s why, for the time being, I settle with zircon or Swarovski crystal. Aside from them being much more affordable, they are also easier to let go if they get lost or something. Perfect for a mom like me who seems to always misplace my stuff :D. I like this StarShine label from UBS, it has good quality simulated diamonds from enlightened Swarovski elements. I need to check it out in the store!

  • Statement Necklace

Because it’s all I need to glam up my otherwise simple outfit :)

What about you? What do you look for when you go jewelry shopping?