L’occitane Almond Milk Veil

I am a bit hesitant to recommend this range of products for you. I’ve recently been given the chance to try L’occitane Almond Milk Veil. Almond is said to have a firming and elastic properties and L’occitane has created a natural body care line out of this ingredient, where they sourced from South of France from a local almond grower.

I’ve been raving about L’occitane Almond Shower Oil for years. To me, it is the ultimate shower indulgence. It smells heavenly and feels heavenly on my skin. It was a sad day when I finally squeezed the last drop of this oil onto my hand. A bottle of this wonderful product costs Rp. 270.000 and at my current situation (managing a start-up business, saving for house and my kid’s school fee), I just can’t justify the splurge.

I’m afraid it is the same case with Almond Milk Veil. As soon as I rubbed some of this light lotion between my hands and applied it on my legs, I knew I was in big trouble. I love LOVE it. It has the same creamy and delicious scent as the shower oil and the lotion is so light but lush at the same time, it melts right into the skin and making it feel smooth and silky. It is said to have micro-pearl which could make skin look luminous. I always savor the moment when I step outside my bathroom and massage this lotion into my whole body.

However, when I went online to check how much the product costs, my heart sank. Almond Milk Veil retails for a whopping Rp. 425.000. Now I know L’occitane claims that this product contains the best ingredients: almond milk, almond oil and protein with silicum, as well as shea butter. They also claim almond helps fight the appearance of cellulite and reshape the silhouette and I want to believe in them, but I just think this pricing puts this wonderful product out of reach for the average consumer.

If you have deeper pockets, though, and can easily shell out almost half a million rups for a bottle of body lotion, then I suggest you look no further. Everything you want and need in a bath and body care, is available in this range. But if your budget is more like mine, let’s just hope and pray L’occitane Indonesia is reading this post and consider reducing pricing on their bath and body line. (I happen to think their facial skincare and fragrance products are very reasonably-priced)  I am very sure it will delight all L’occitane fans across the country and that might even translate to bigger sales!

But anyway, thanks to L’occitane website, I found an easy-to-follow set of firming and toning massage tips. Now as you know, massaging your body could help promote blood circulation and prevent water retention, so there’s no harm in adding this to your routine, which I’ve been doing for the past week. Here it is (click for larger image)!