Pearls for The Special Day

Yupe, it was a special day in the office. Here’s a hint: TV crews from a prominent TV station came to our office that day :). But we can’t elaborate more on that until we get the exact date of when it’s going to air :D. We were so excited that the day before we rearrange the office and made it look much nicer and cozier. After lunch, we went to the bank to finish up some paperwork in order for us to obtain our company account. So it’s official now that Fashionese Daily, Mommies Daily, Female Daily & Fame n Frame is operating under PT Daily Dinamika Kreasi. We’re still young.. but definitely growing..

  • Navy blouse from La Codefin Bazaar
  • Mango Jeans
  • Mango Faux Snake Skin Pumps
  • Modalu London Bag

  • estelle05

    Han, super cantiikk!! Love the look! :D congratz han, definitely proud to be FD member ;)

  • claygeek

    i love your blouse/outfit :D, congratz yahh

  • p49it

    Selamat… selamat… dan sukses selalu!

  • puti

    selamat n sukses ya hann….

  • tharealpredator

    Han, bukannya abis smoothing? Mang boleh langsung dikuncir? Ga berbekas tuh?

  • piscanilie

    Sailor top nya keren Han .. Congrats juga buat daily dinamika
    @therealpredator, kan kalo smoothing dah dikasih cairan kimia buat “netralin” rambut, jd gpp dikuncir

  • Uthe

    wawwww… congratulations!
    Sukses selalu yaaaa…
    hebaaaaatttt ;)

  • julejen

    You look younger Han with this style. Sepatunya teteup bikin melerr …

  • jahanara

    Love ur look! Congratz!

  • MrsRance

    Congrats yah Han ;) I am happy for you

  • shendy

    Hanzky.. perfect outfit!Cakeeep.. aduh naksir tasnya keren banget..

    oya, congratz for the company!

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