Footwear Care

Some shoes that were made using the finest quality leathers and materials  need some extra care and maintenance. However, these are the shoes that if you take good care of them will last you for a very long time. Think of these kind of shoes as an investment and when you invest in something, you usually have the tendency to watch over your investment.

To make your investment last longer, here are some tips to prolong the life of your shoes:

  • Leather shoes: remove dirt and dust from shoes after each use using clean cloth. Let the shoes out from their storage once in a while to allow them breathe fresh air so that the leather can breath and it’s going to avoid the shoes getting stinky. There are also shoe polish especially made for leather shoes, polishing them with such product will help prolong the life of your shoes.
  • Metallic shoes: shoes with metallic finish are usually ruined faster because they have a foil finish which is laminated onto the leather upper. As time passes by, the foil will naturally crack or wear off with any abrasion.
  • Fabric shoes: usually shoes made from fabric material get dirty much more easily therefore you need to remove the excess dirt and dust as often as you can. Remove excess dirt using a foam fabric cleaner and leave them to dry naturally. That means no dryer near the shoes at all cost, or the fabric will separate from the leather upper much more easily because the glue that gel up the fabric and the upper will separate.
  • Beaded or shoes with embellishment and applique: It’s only natural that shoes that have beads, crystals and gems embellishment and applique as well as stitching on it will easily get damaged or lost (on some elements) if it get caught or snagged. Therefore you need to step carefully on it and do not store it too tightly with other shoes or any material. Since these shoes are delicate in nature, it is only natural that you need to take extra good care when wearing and storing it. I believe, you only take these kind of shoes out once in a while during special events.
  • Suede or nubuck shoes: as you all aware these types of materials are very delicate and you might get wary on getting them wet because it will ruin them easily. Well if they do get wet, don’t wash them just let them dry naturally not in front any sort of heat or else it will fry them :) . To remove dirt from the surface of the shoes use special suede brush or your tooth brush and make sure the brush is dry. Brush them gently onto the surface of the shoes to remove the dirt. It is highly recommended to spray suede and nubuck shoes with waterproofer spray.
  • Heel tips: the tip of your heels (the rubber part) often wear down quickly or fell away from the heels from excessive wear. Watch this part carefully because if the condition is already worn through, that means it’s about times for you to take your heels to the shoe repair shop and replace the heels tip. Because if you don’t replace them quick and keep wearing them it will start to damage the heels structure.
  • Leather soles: once the leather soles worn in get a rubber sole to protect the base of your shoes to lengthen the wear of your shoes.