When in Doubt, Wear Black!

If there’s one thing I would never grow tired of … that would be black dress. One can never have too many black dresses, don’t they? That’s why, every sale season the first thing I would check on the sale rack would be a black dress. I don’t know what kind of magic spell they put in a black dress, it never seemed to fail to make anyone looking great in it. If the dress is too simple, you can always add accessories to glam it up. Or else, you can always go for interesting shoes or bags to live it up.

Everytime I make a new addition to my growing black dress collection, I would always think of it as an investment. So how many black dresses do you own?

This is what I wore with the black dress:

  • Dress: (X)SML
  • Bag: Longchamp
  • Shoes: Missoni
  • Cocktail rings: Miss Selfridges & Forever 21

Lastly, the lipstick (yes I MUST tell!) is Lipstick Queen Saint Sinner. Love this lipstick because it just glides on so perfectly!

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  • http://www.piasaddiction.blogspot.com pia

    Very pretty as usual, Mal. I always adore black dresses, but surprisingly I only have 2 black dresses (which I rarely wear). x(SML) is one of the local brand that I love. I just wish they bring back more size V or (introduce) size VI!

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  • http://www.mybagstage.com mybagstage

    Setuju banget, u can never go wrong with black dress =)

  • http://jacobian.biz jacobian

    wearing black dress can make you look slimmer though. :-)

  • http://chasing-intan.blogspot.com intan

    aww…. gorgeous shoes :)

  • http://joycekartika.wordpress.com Joyce

    Cantik sekali :), suka bajunya simple dan chic

  • Jenn

    simply stunning

  • rere

    Always think that I would need LBD, but never got to buy any. I haven’t found anything that I love, and actually I don’t like the color. I find black too depressing for me :-)

  • julejen

    Sepatunya bagoesss.
    Mal bagus rambut pangjang gini deh :wink:

  • paradis

    i always have a thing with all black outfit. love the look!
    btw maap kalo katrok, l/s queen itu merk dr mana ya?

  • alice

    akhirnya maminya TO disini :) kok ga pake TO melbourne :)) (teteup komen hihi). mal, lo tambah cantik dgn rambut panjang. eh bikin donk article, gimana menata rambut biar jadi kek gitu. gw suka susah. rambut gw asli lurus. teplek. kyk abis dibonding gitu

  • Kamiseta24

    Amal, cantik bgt rambutnya panjang gini. Love the TO :”).
    Stujuuuu. Black never failed me…

  • nadeeeya

    cantiik beneeer lo di foto ini Li ;)
    spatunya, spatunya.. keren!

  • http://moko.staff.umy.ac.id/ moko

    sepatunya okeh loh !
    btw, selalu suka sama deszell articles!
    love your style too

  • sven

    deszell you look stunningly gorgeous!
    Pertanyaan gw sama kayak paradis, queen itu merk-nya kah?

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