TwitPoll: Skinny, Bootcut, Straight or Boyfriend Jeans?

The other day, I wore my bootcut jeans to the office. The last time I wore them before that day was like…two years ago? It seemed like I have abandoned them for so long. I don’t know why out of the blue I brought them out of my closet. I felt weird at first, but the girls in the office said that I looked good on them :D . The bootcut made me look taller, they said. Maybe the wider hem at the bottom balance out my hip.

Anyway, whenever I look around now..I always see more skinny jeans and less bootcut jeans. It makes me wonder if all people have converted to skinny jeans now. Curious, I made a Twitpoll and here’s the result:

Turned out, it’s a toss up between bootcut and skinny jeans. It looks like the slender girls like skinny jeans but the curvy girls love their bootcut. Boyfriend jeans are not very popular, and straight jeans come next after skinny and bootcut.

What about you? Which team are you on? :D

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