How to Choose a Concealer Brush

There are two types of concealer brush on my tool dictionary, one is the type of brush that is meant to be a concealer brush and the second one is the type of brush that is not created for concealer but able to deliver flawless application of concealer.

At the end of the day, what matters is the result not the type of brush!

a. Synthetic Concealer Brush

Ideally, concealer brush should be flat and slightly tapered so that it can place products to even the hardest corner of your undereye. It should also be made from synthetic bristles because concealer products are usually creamy and synthetic bristles are the best pair for creamy product.

Usually the synthetic concealer brush comes in two sizes, the normal medium size and smaller size.

MAC 195 and Make Up Show concealer brush are two examples of the normal medium size synthetic concealer brush. They have flexible synthetic fibre flat brushed that can follow the contour of your under eye shape. The brush is tapered so it allow precise application and easier blend of your concealer. This type of brush can also be used for cream eyeshadow products or other eye products that are in cream form such as eye shadow base.

The synthetic flat brush is perfect to be used if you want to have more coverage on your concealer. Apply small amount of your concealer to your under eye area and try not to place any product near the lash line (stop at around 0.5 cm from the lash line). Stroke or stipple your brush lightly on the under eye area and apply the concealer upward until it’s blended flawlessly. The reason why I avoid placing any concealer near the lash line is because I don’t want the concealer to concentrate on my eye bag or fine lines. Usually closer to the lash line we will have very fine lines already. By blending the concealer upward you’re already giving that area the coverage of concealer that it needed.

Of course MAC also has a smaller version of the concealer brush which is MAC 194 brush that is created for small-area coverage and precise application. The shape is slightly tapered with less hair than MAC 195 but it’s firmer. As an alternative Bobby Brown Cream Blending Brush can be used, and since it’s smaller in size and it’s slightly longer you can reach even smaller areas.

This type of brush is perfect for blending product on the undereye area and spot touch-ups. It took more time to apply concealer using this brush, so I will only use this brush if I have more time. You can also use this brush for lipstick brush if you don’t currently have one.

b. Natural hair blending brushes for applying concealer

I came across this technique by chance, when Darwyn Tse, our favourite make up artist was doing his make up on me during the first Kelas Dandan, he was using MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush to blend my concealer. At that time I always constricted my concealer application by using synthetic brush only. The result is really light and flawless! You can used blending brush to apply your concealer when you don’t want high coverage or when you need to blend the end result of your concealer application.

I like using this brush for daily concealer application since it’s very simple to use. You just need to dab your brush into the product, and applied the concealer in stippling motion and blend it by moving your brush in circular motion. The brush will not pick up too much concealer and it blends the concealer right away.

As an alternative you can pick Make Up Show Blender Brush 7S01 instead. I will avoid Bobbi Brown Blender Brush since the length of the brush it too long and the size is too small. The fluffier the brush is, the easier it is to blend the concealer.

Especially for face area, I would choose bigger blender brush to apply concealer.

How about you? What kind of brush do you use to apply concealer?