Look #6: The Pigments Look

I have just rediscovered my MAC pigments collection. I remember how it was frequently discussed on the MAC Thread during the beginning of FD Forum. The forum members often offered to share their pigment into 1/6 teaspoon worth of product. It seemed like very little, but believe me that it will be sufficient for plenty of use because you will only need  a small amount of pigment to apply on your lid as it’s very pigmented.

What makes me rarely use my pigments is because the loose texture of the product just makes it really inconvenient to work with because the powder will, without fail, fly everywhere as you open the jar. Of course most of the time the powder will also fall onto your under eye area when you apply the product. Making your brush damp before dipping it into the pigment will help binding the powder into the brush. Also, to avoid picking up too much product on your brush, don’t dip your brush directly into the jar but use the product that are sticking on the lid of your jar.

This is currently my day-to-day look because I can just do the whole look in less than 10 minutes! I choose sheer coverage foundation since it’s very easy to work with if you’re in a hurry.

Face: Bare Escentuals Prime Time Primer, MAC Face & Body Foundation, NARS Loose Powder

Eyes: MAC Pigment Sweet Sienna (lid), MAC Pigment Smoke Signal (outer v), and MAC Pigment Provence (highlight), MAC Eye Kohl in Engraved, L’oreal Ultra-Volume Collagene Mascara

Cheeks: MUFE HD Blush #6

Lips: Lipstick Queen Saint Natural