Linea: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

My kind of day is a day like today where I can visit the mall in the morning, on a weekday :). There’s hardly any visitor, the air still smells so fresh, shopkeepers are bringing out new stuff for display. Everything looks crisp and definitely a lot shinier and nicer, which is such a treat to my eyes. Not so for my wallet though :p

Anyway, I am here at Plaza Senayan. The shopping list on my hand doesn’t mention anything about shoes but there’s Linea store just around the corner and I just have to go in. It’s hard to pass the store without stepping foot on it. You know how us women have a never ending mission of shoe-shopping, right?

Besides, I think everyone would agree with me that it’s hard to find good quality shoes here in Jakarta.

Well, maybe not that hard if you can throw a few million Rupiah for a pair of shoes, but if you add budget to the equation, then it’s become a mission impossible. That’s why for shoes, I had no choice but to increase my allowance since I have moved here. It doesn’t mean that I’m now buying expensive shoes, I’m buying the ones that are well-priced or in other words, deliver value for money.

Linea offers various Italian and Spanish brands that come in variety of style. I’m not always familiar with the brand name, but I am easily sold on anything made in Italy because it’s almost always an assurance for quality workmanship, excellent materials, fine stitching and a rich tradition. Italian shoemakers truly understand the anatomy of leg and foot.

Besides, I just realized that Linea doesn’t seem to emphasize on the brands either, which is good because it’s the style that matters, not the brand nor trend. We and our man, can just focus to find something that appeals our individual taste .

By the way, have you heard about Linea discount outlet called Shoebox? It’s located next to Hero Terogong. So if the shoes you’ve been eyeing are no longer in the store, you might want to check Shoebox :D

Oh..and Linea has also just launched