153. Inside Ambung’s Bag

The Bag : Longchamp bolces bolces
Got this bag from Deszell (the one who also made up “bolces bolces” name) and instantly became my fave daily bag. It’s roomy and i like the fact it has no zipper, though i realise it’s not that safety :)

The Contents :

  • My old esprit umbrella ( +/- 5y.o)
  • Sixteen bag organizer from OPI, which most of the time contains of :
    – Rayban sunglasses (sorry, forgot to capture the glasses :D ) – bought it from Dundan (yayyy to MP-FD)
    – Vaseline sunblock SPF 30 PA+++
    – Banana Republic Wallet
    – a brown comb
    – Nokia E71
    – Kuromi pen
    – House key
    – Eclipse candy
    – Pureen wet tissue
    – Watson pocket tissue
    – Make up pouch

Inside make up pouch :

  • Chanel compact powder
  • Cargo bluray blush + MAC 109 SH brush
  • Bistex spf 15 lipbalm
  • Givenchy lipgloss
  • Chanel admirable rouge allure
  • Mini loccitane shea butter
  • PTR instant mineral sunscreen brush SPF 30 PA++
  • Mini BBW antibacterial gel
  • Visine eye drop
  • panty-liner

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