Dressing in Modesty

If you’re in search of clothing with modest design but still show a hint of uniqueness, then Tuneeca will surely suit your appetite.

Modest apparels are always somehow associated with Busana Muslim, which are represented by mostly Gamis and attire that are targeted to more mature market. Tuneeca wants to keep the modesty in the pieces they created but somehow still show the differences in style and beauty of each women, regardless of your age.

What’s really good is that their price is also modest. The dresses shown above are retailed for Rp 306,000 and Rp 220,000 respectively. So grab one for yourself and while you’re at it, you might also want to buy one for your Mom.

For the hijab wearer, Tuneeca also sells accessories such as bandana, brooch, sleeve extension and of course the hijab itself.