Bright Yellow Python in My Bag

What did you get from Inacraft? I bought quite a few things, one of them is this little yellow thing. Exotic leathers are awfully expensive when they have been labeled by International brand, but they are well-priced when they are made in Indonesia. That’s even better, right? Local products and UKM need us to support them ;).

By the way, I hope I don’t get hammered by PETA supporter, but I like me some exotic leathers. I’m not quite ready for a full-blown python or crocodile bags (financially and mentally..LOL). So far, I only have faux python print shoes, in addition to the CC logo in my Chanel bag, which is real python), that’s why I’m starting with tiny little things, like this luxurious cell-phone pouch. It’s been colored so it doesn’t really resemble a slithering python, which is good for a newbie like me. The skin hasn’t been smoothed up so the scales are still open and makes a beautiful texture.

I got it from Naputo stand, a manufacturer and exporter from Bali ( They will open a stand again in the upcoming Indo Leather & Footwear exhibition in JHCC, May 6 – 9. I’m so coming there to see if there’s any leather bags I cannot leave without…:D