Caramello Sugar Waxing Shop

Finally, I found a convenient place to get rid of my unwanted hair Caramello is located at La Codefin-Kemang , not far from our office so I can pop in there on the way to the office or during lunch time (since it’s just right across warung Tekko :D )

What I like about it in addition to the location is the fact that it’s small and there’s nothing else there except the waxing business. So the place is not busy, there’s no long wait, no moving around from one room to the other. I don’t think I walked more than five steps when I was there :D .

I’ve only been there one time for underarm wax and I have nothing but happy comments about the whole experience. They have an excellent standard of hygiene. You will always be treated with new spatula and cloth and there’s no double dipping as a new set of caramel vat will be provided for each customer.

Worry about the price? Don’t worry, it won’t drain your wallet at all. The staff there are super nice, the process was nearly painless (other places can be pretty hard core) and I like that they thread the remaining hair instead of pluck.

I’m definitely going back :)

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