L’OCCITANE Shea Butter Face Care

I’m a huge fan of L’OCCITANE Shea Butter products. I use their 100% pure shea butter to combat dry lips, soften cuticles, I even used it on my daughter’s skin to reduce itchiness caused by mosquito bites! I also bring their Shea Butter hand cream everywhere because it’s a hand cream that truly works wonders for my hands.

L’OCCITANE shea butter is available in many forms: from body wash, body lotion to foot care. There’s even Shea Butter for Mom & Baby! (Maybe I should use this for my daughter :D)

To those of you who think your skin needs the benefits of shea butter, good news! A range of shea butter facial skincare is now available! According to L’OCCITANE, Shea Butter is the perfect ally for people with very dry skin because not only does it protect the skin against damaging elements, it also has nourishing benefits, to restore softness and comfort.

Shea butter contains a high concentration of unsaponifiables and essential fatty acids. This allows it to restore the hydrolipidic film and form a protective layer over the skin, so it can hold in moisture.

The star product from this range is Shea Butter Fabulous Serum (Rp. 540.000). It contains naturally-derived hyaluronic acid and has plumping powers so it can fill fine dehydration lines and leave skin looking smooth and plump. The shea butter, at a 5% concentration, helps restore the skin’s barrier function, to protect against harsh climatic conditions and maintain optimal moisture levels for 24 hours. If that’s enough, the new protective shea extract, with antioxidant and anti-pollution properties, helps to strengthen the skin’s resistance to environmental damage.

Then, there is Shea Butter Ultra Rich Face Cream (Rp. 510.000), which is formulated with an exceptionally high concentration of shea butter (25%), this cream provides intensive nourishing care and acts just like a protective barrier while still letting the skin breathe.

Even though my skin is moistly normal to oily, I realized that sleeping with air conditioner on every single night can also cause it to lose moisture, therefore I tried using this moisturizer as my night cream. The texture is very rich so I only use a little to cover my whole face. It feels great on the skin, not slimy or oily. I haven’t noticed any significant change in my skin, after all I’ve only been using for about two weeks, but I love how my skin feels supple and really hydrated in the morning when I wake up.

The other products from this range are Shea Butter Ultra Rich Eye Balm (Rp. 420.000) and Shea Butter Ultra Rich Face Soap (Rp. 120.000).

L’OCCITANE Shea Butter range is available in all L’OCCITANE stores nationwide.