How Do You Wear Your Monogram Bags?

Playing it safe is pretty much what I consider my fashion style to be. I don’t really wear too fashion forward items and I don’t mix and match patterns and too many colors altogether. So it’s only natural that when I wear my monogram bag, that would be the only item that has prints on my outfit :D. Yes, I used to strictly wear it only with solid colors because the bag is busy enough that I feel like I have to keep the rest simple and subtle.

I know many people still stay away from monogram bag, they feel that monogram is too played out because everyone and their moms are carrying it. But I consider monogram as classic, well at least some of them are.  Pictures below are pretty much visualize the kind of looks that generate a thumbs up. See,  monogram bags are far from tacky when they are worn with the right combination.

Bez naslovaYou're delusional
Bez naslova by Maja♥ featuring Louis Vuitton bags |You’re delusional by Claudia R featuring Elizabeth and James blazers

December Bez naslova
Now I’m not that strict anymore though. After all, there’s so much I can wear with it because my closet consists of every colors in the rainbow, in fact I have a lot of clothes with prints too. Getting dressed can be stressful sometimes so I don’t want to instill too many rules. I’m beginning to think it’s okay to wear them together, as long as the prints are subtle and/or comes in the same color group as the bag. Just like these two pictures below, they are still okay, aren’t they? At least they kinda blend together.
10 things i hate about youMonte Carlo Here I Come!
But still,something are just not meant to be together (at least not in my book). Like  combining monograms with ridiculously bold prints they look like they compete each other to steal attention. I think this what gives monogram bags a bad name.

LynnVisible[ema] 20.10 Anna Park breakfast & plans.

Falling out of Summer Miley Cyrus

What about you, ladies? How do you wear your monogram bags? Do you see it as something on its own that can be worn with anything and everything in your closet? Or do you see it as something that needs to go in harmony with the rest of your looks? Share it here please….:)

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