Revlon Matte Collection

I’m usually not a fan of matte eyeshadows. Apart from my own preference of having shimmery, sparkly colors on my eyes, I find that matte eyeshadows tend to be chalky and hard to blend. But I do admit that some looks are better when using matte eyeshadows. For example, if I want to go with super glossy and shiny lips, I sometimes use matte eyeshadow to balance the look.

When I found out Revlon was releasing matte makeup range, I didn’t immediately want to run to the nearest counter and check them out. That is until I saw the beautiful arrays of eyeshadow on the displayer when I attended the launch. They were deep, dark and mysterious and I suddenly had an itch to bring all of them home!

I managed to buy a few eyeshadows (about Rp. 50.000 each), along with two lipsticks (about Rp. 65.000 each), last week and played around with them. The eyeshadows are Aubergine, Tempting Teal, Riviera Blue and Peach Sorbet. There’s another shade that looks quite nice, which is the Venetian Blue, but I decided to skip it because I know it is not a shade I wear often.

I find the formula of Revlon Matte eyeshadows to be quite smooth and easy to blend. The color payoff is slightly on the sheer side, however, you can keep adding more layer to make the color stronger. I actually like this better because when applying deep colors on your eyes, you don’t want to put on too much only to wipe it all off. But you have to be quite light handed when blending the color together though, because it’s very easy to blend the color into nothingness :D Needless to say, you want to use an eyeshadow primer to get better color payoff.

Peach Sorbet is a neutral peachy shade which can be a great base or something to wear on your lids when you’re in a hurry but don’t want to leave your eyes bare. It’s not too pigmented though so you might want to apply it wet or with the sponge applicator it came with (though I dislike that little thing :D)

Tempting Teal is a gorgeous dark forest green. I love this shade. I love all green shades so it’s not that hard for me to love this. But really, if you want a deep, dark, green smokey eyes, this is one great shade to create it with!

Riviera Blue is a deep navy blue which you can use a little to create a nice “wash” of navy blue on your lids for everyday use, or really pack it on to have a more intense and dramatic look. I love this shade also and glad I bought it because I don’t think I own a really good navy eyeshadow.

Aubergine When you wear it sheer, it’s a sort of eggplant shade but when you put on more, it turns into dark grey with a slight purple tinge. I think among the other dark shades, this is the least pigmented one and it was quite hard for me to create the lovely aubergine shade that I saw on the pan.

I also got two lipsticks from this collection: Really Red and Pink Pout. I think Revlon Matte lipsticks have amazing formula. It’s matte but glides on smoothly and not at all drying. It feels very comfortable on the lips and it’s long lasting too which is a huge bonus because I always forget to reapply my lipstick. For the price, you really can’t ask for more!

Really Red is a gorgeous true red shade while Pink Pout is a lovely cool-toned, lavender pink which goes perfectly together with my new Ever So Rich Cremesheen glass. I am so loving these lipsticks, I think I’m gonna go back to the counter and get more shades! There’s one called Pink About It and it’s a cute coral watermelon pink that is totally the “it” color for Spring/Summer :)

So there it is, my review of the whole collection. I passed the eyeliners because I have so many eyeliners already and I’m not a fan of matte pencil liners. I also passed on the blushes because I thought I didn’t need any. But now that I think about it, maybe I do! We can never have too many blushes, right ladies? ;)