Amica Glamorama

Last month, Amica magazine celebrated its first year anniversary. Since Amica is a fashion magazine, fashion show was obviously in order. Four designers – Kleting, Danjyo & Hiyoji, Barli Asmara, Sapto -,  whose designs are considered what Amica women are all about,  were invited to showcase their collection. I didn’t put too much expectation about the collection as I thought they were going to bring the same thing from Jakarta Fashion Week. Turned out, almost everything was new to my eyes and I was more than delighted. But one thing remain, these four designers have their own signature style that make them stand out from the rest.

I’ve always loved Kleting designs, and this one is no exception. I love the color palette, the slouchy but sophisticated cutting and the elegant pick of materials. Some pieces look so delicate, but Kleting smartly mixed them with sharp construction like a cropped blazer and sturdy skirt so they won’t overdose you with femininity.

Black and white is still ruling Danjyo & Hiyoji collection, part of what makes it easy to spot their collection. And I think it’s good that they explore more on the different kind of cut and style instead of playing with colors while actually offering the same style.

Inspired by love, Barli designed something romantic for the ladies. Subtle gold and purple seem to be the colors of the collections, which very well interpret the love feeling.

Unlike his usual monochromatic tone, Sapto surprised us with shocking colors in architectural shape. A bit futuristic, a lot of glitters. He brought the elements from his breathtaking kebaya into something that can be worn by the non-brides.