Big Fatty Lashes, Naturally Done!

Apparently, having big fatty looking lashes cannot be achieved solely by the type of product we are using but on how we put on the product as well. There’s always be false lashes, but we can also do it without one. How? Darwyn showed us how during Kelas Dandan.

1. Put one coat of mascara on your lashes, the usual way by zig zagging your wand all the way up.

2. Place a tissue below your lashes, and close your eyes.

3. Apply powder onto your lashes by using fluffy eye brush such as MAC 224, MAC 217 or Makeup Show Eye Blender brush. The tissue on your under eye area is to make sure that you don’t get the powder everywhere.

4. Apply another coat of mascara, and voila…you have fabulous looking fat lashes!