Meet Amanda The Intern :)

I was going to feature Amanda on our streetsnap column yesterday, but then I thought we should share a bit about her in here too. For those who don’t know yet, Amanda has been interning with us since February. She flew all the way from the Netherlands (born and bred there), currently in her last semester and will be here until June :). So let’s get to know her:

First of all, what made you decide to go to FD for your internship?

Due to my International Marketing major I got the great opportunity to do an internship in Indonesia. This was my chance to experience living in my country of origin. When I was looking for an internship I thought it would be great to work in a business of my interest, that’s why I was looking for an internship in fashion or entertainment industry.

Before I got the courage to apply for an internship at FD, I have been following FD for a while. The appeal to me was that FD seemed like a company that is young and has a vision. They seemed very serious about what they are doing, but in a fun and exciting way. I could really feel their passion for what they are doing. Working in an environment like that seemed more than I could hope for.

So, how’s your experience so far? Do you like it?

I love working for FD. The people are really nice and I know I can learn a lot here. There are always new and exciting projects that FD involves me in and that makes working here even more fulfilling. The membership card project, my main assignment, is very exciting and I hope I can help in making it become reality.

For me it is very exciting to work in such a young and evolving company. Seeing what FD does and their plans for the future really inspires me.

Okay, enough about work :D. Now why don’t you describe your fashion style!

I think my fashion style can be described as: feminine, classy and young with a hint of seriousness, but that’s just me.

I personally love Amanda style. Her style is just like what she describe, classy and a no-frill feminine. Dark denim, black pants, killer heels, classic bags, simple blouse and statement earrings. We should document her style more.

What are your five beauty must-have?

I think beauty starts with skin care, so that is why I love:

  • Clinique’s 3-step Skin Care System for Oily skin
  • Nivea Crème: because it works for every skin type, it’s an all-purpose crème and the smell doesn’t clash with my perfume.
  • Sabon body scrub in Patchouli/Lavender/Vanilla

The other beauty products I love are:

  • Dior shimmer powder: for that extra glow on my cheeks or anywhere else for that matter
  • Sariayu Eye Shadow: because of all the vibrant and fun colours.

Any fashion obsession?

My absolute fashion obsession, passion, fixation is lingerie. Since I have worked at a high end lingerie boutique, in Holland, I got spoiled with fine underwear. Going to work was like playing in a candy store, buying everything was just so tempting.

Everybody knows a great outfit wouldn’t be great without the right undergarments, but it is not only about looking good. I love the way that lingerie makes me feel. It is like confidence that literally comes from within. Wearing cute, feminine and sexy lingerie gives me that extra boost to make me feel good about myself. It is like a little secret you keep to yourself and maybe share with your significant other.

What are your favorite brands?

  • H&M: for the basics
  • Zara: for everyday wear
  • Karen Millen: for the fine dresses, coats and shoes
  • Chantal Thomass: for lingerie, because the brand is so cute, playful and naughty at the same time

What do you think about Indonesian style (Jakarta girls in particular) compare to the girls in the Netherlands?

In Jakarta, the ladies seem to embrace being a woman and every aspect that comes with it. They love to take care of themselves and pamper themselves with beautiful makeup, clothes and spa treatments. They are very cute, feminine and girly.

Women in the Netherlands are more laid back, sometimes too laid back for my taste. A lot of the women in the Netherlands don’t give too much about makeup,  and pampering themselves is not one of their main concerns. In the Netherlands there is a saying that goes: ‘Just act normal, then you’ll act crazy enough’. I think this saying also applies to Dutch women.

Last question. What is your plan after you graduate?

I am still contemplating about what I would like to do when I have graduated. One of my dreams, since I have been very small, is to start my own company and move to Indonesia. Now I am thinking about starting my own high end lingerie store right here in Jakarta. This would just be a dream come true. The store would feature brands like: Chantal Thomass, Pleasure State and La Perla. It would look like a girly boudoir with lots of pink, white and black, soft fabrics and the smell of cookies and cupcakes. I can see myself there already.

Well, the dream is definitely attainable and we’ll be happy to help you make it come true…:). Thank you for your time, Amanda.

  • dewdew

    Coincidence… we have 2 interns from Netherland also :D
    Anyway…have fun at FD! :) u’re so lucky

  • Jenn

    I feel like finding a soulmate in lingerie passion =) It’s true! being in high end lingerie boutique is like being in a candy store. The colors, the luxurious fabrics of lace & satin, the touch, the feel, ohh the joy of being a woman =)

  • kirana

    I’ll be waiting for your store!
    *a frequent lurker of VS website :D*

  • John

    I hope that all your dreams can come through and that FD will enjoy your time there!

  • missailema

    Very nice outfit.
    I have the exact same shoes from Zara! :)

  • Lena

    hellow amanda! *wave*
    beneran deh, her style is very feminine. and also, you forgot to mention han, that amanda’s hair is TO DIE FOR! smooth, shiny, not stick straight but just enough straight…idaman deh pokoknya!
    anyway, good luck with the traineeship and looking forward to implementing that other survey hehe…

  • poinky

    uh oh…. I loveeeee chantal thomass lingerie too… a bit pricey, tp lacy lingeries itu guilty pleasure gw, jd ga apa. Too bad blom ketemu yg jual di Indo T__T

  • Amanda

    Hi everybody,

    thank you for your kind and welcoming comments. Nice to know there are some lingerie addicts just like me. You’ll might just be hearing from me about this subject, fingers crossed.

  • nadia zardoni

    Hey Amanda,

    I love this article about you! I’m glad to hear that you like the passion of lingerie ;), meaning I did a good job to get a good employer at Zardonni(Still missing you here!).
    We still have clients in asking for that cute girl!

    btw that store you’ll be opening in Jakarta….any chance that it is a franchise of Zardonni??? :D

    All the best and good luck @FD.