149. Inside Deszell’s Bag

The Bag: Longchamp LM Nylon

The Contents:

  • Sixteen Million Bag Organizer
  • MAC MV 2 Perfume
  • Charles & Keith Sunnies
  • Fendi Spectacles
  • Longchamp Coin pouch in black & kiwi
  • Mango pouch for name card holder
  • Pocket Tissue
  • XOXO Wallet
  • Giordano Umbrella
  • Esprit pouch with my Rubi suede flat inside (folded!)
  • Sportgirls jeans pencil case
  • Something to read on the car, this time it’s Anthony Capella’s the
  • Various Flavours of Coffee
  • Red leather bound notebook
  • Purple small folder notebook, a giveaway from a conference
  • Green & orange book are publications from work, my bible on work related matter
  • 2010 daily planner, a giveaway from a foundation from Germany
  • Blackberry & Samsung phone
  • Panasonic LX 2 (I used it to take this photo)

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  • yardian

    Padat, lengkap dan jelas deh Mal isi tas lo :D

  • aqualysa

    Malceeee….tasmu bajuuusss……. :)

  • http://pernakpanik.blogspot.com Opi

    Longchamp ternyata guede banget ya. Hebat Amal bahunya kuat bener bawa barang banyak banget. :)

  • marcie

    Mal, ur LM Nylon bikin gw teringat ingat lagi :(

  • okasama

    Gw langsung ngebayangin kalo pake tasnya bukan longchamp. Kalo pake paddington bisa sekalian latian angkat beban kali ye hehe

  • armadiani

    Mal, biar gue sudah punya LM Nylon yg hitam, tapi lihat yg punya elo ini juga masih pengen :D

  • http://www.piasaddiction.blogspot.com pia

    Whoa! Ternyata ada yg bawaannya lebih banyak dr gw! top banget dah, Mal!!

  • http://cibshop.multiply.com cibs

    gue pikir kalo gue bag abuser satu2nya disini..ternyata ada yang lebih parah..banyaakk bet bawaannya hahaha

  • http://meatbun66.livejournal.com/ meatbun66

    Hello Deszell! I happened to stumble across your website because I was looking for pictures of Longchamp LM short handle handbags. I have that exact same bag but in black. I wanted to buy the white one but Longchamp was sold out of them at the time so I had to settle for a peony small to use for the spring/summer where I live. I rarely see people carry this bag so I really get happy to see someone appreciate this bag style and brand. Thank you for sharing. I may show you my “junk” too! Take care!