Rely on Relian

Meet Relian, a set of mascara and fiber that promise you longer and voluminous lashes, thanks to the fiber that works as an extension as well as a plumper. Fiber has been used extensively in the mascara world exactly for that need (MAC, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Imju) and Relian comes with separate fiber in a tube so you can layer it. Plus, unlike some other brands, Relian’s fiber is black.

There’s nothing easy about this mascara. You gotta start by applying the mascara gel, followed by the fiber that holds on to the mascara, then the mascara gel again to set the fiber, and to your delight, you can redo the whole process as many times as you want.

For the most luscious, fluttery lashes sans clump that last the entire day, rely on Relian. It is worth the lengthy process.

Tip: Use a piece of tissue to protect your under eye and cheek area from fiber fall out upon application.

You can get Relian at Juleha’s lapak here

Photo sources

Model: silvershore_lake

Product: makeuptools by Jule