20 Going on 50; A Beauty & Style Event

Alright! We already read somewhere in this blog that it takes a different skin care set for different age group. At least theory-wise, we do know, right? But most of us are still a bit blank in identifying which one is the recommended products and ingredients for our unique self and which one is not. One time I used a night cream that was targeted for a 50 year old :(. Skin care products cannot be considered cheap and they are an investment. So just like any other investment, we better invest wisely.

Well you know what, here’s the time to get together for a beauty and style workshop, generously supported by Clinique!

Be Defined by Your Beauty, Not Your Age

Since the whole theme is about different generation, you are invited to send a picture of you with someone who is much older/younger than you. She could be your mom, your auntie, your cousin, your niece, your friend, your sister in law or even your boss. Anybody, really! As long as they are old enough to wear skin care.

Twenty lucky winners will be invited to the event and they can bring their partners that’s in the picture. So not only you will have a very fashionable afternoon, you can share it with your loved one too.

When? March 13, 2010. First sessionĀ  11 AM. Second sessionĀ  3 AM
Where? Mulia Hotel
Price? Well, the event has an entrace fee value of Rp 150,000. But it will be FREE for us.
Yes, Free!. And to make the deal even sweeter, Clinique will give every participants product worth of Rp 190,000.

Ohh and there’s a special guest appearance too. Miss Syita and Pia, the lovely members of our forum will share their tips and tricks regarding makeup, skincare and dressing well. Both of them, along with me and Affi will represent three different age group.

Here’s the Step:

1. Click this link
2. Submit a picture of you and someone whose age is much older than you.
3. Deadline is March 9.
4. After that, Clinique Team will select the twenty lucky members.
5. If they pick you, you will be notified and invited to the special event.
6. And..you will have a guaranteed FUN Saturday with FDers.

So, what are you waiting for?.