Thigh High and Hold-up Stocking

Have we talked about hosiery here?

The most common hosiery I’ve found at the lingerie department is the one  that goes all the way up to mid stomach. This type of hosiery usually offer support on the belly and buttock area. However, I find this kind of stocking to be too troublesome and sometimes it makes my belly sweats.

Stocking actually refer to the type of women’s hosiery that consist of two pieces (one for each leg). I found this type of hosiery is the most convenient one since I don’t have to bother much when I need to go the loo. My favourite stockings would be the hold-ups and thigh highs type.

Hold-ups and thigh highs are the types of stocking that stops on mid thigh. As for hold-ups, they stay on your thigh without support because they have two or three elasticated bands sewn on the inside of the stocking. The elasticated bands are what make the hold-ups stay on their own without the help of garter. They also often accessorized with beautiful wide lace top band.

Not many brands here carries this type of stocking, but I always go to Marks & Spencer for their unbelievably good quality of hold-ups stocking. I got mine last time for Rp 149,000 and it manages to stay for up to 6 months without laddering up.

For thigh high stocking that doesn’t have the elastic bands, you need to wear garter to make sure that it stays up and doesn’t roll down. I know it’s such a hassle, but treat yourself with this luxury once in a while because it makes you feel like you’re just as sexy as Heidi Klum in Victoria Secret campaign. The garter belt usually slipped over the top of the stockings to make sure that the stocking doesn’t roll down.

Nowadays hold-ups and thigh highs also comes in variety of fashion stocking and they’re really tempting!

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