My New Everyday Bag

Not sure about the style name but it’s from Marc by Marc Jacobs line. Got it from an FDer (Helloo silvershore_lake :)), who sold it through Closet Quickies. I immediately like it when I first saw it but wanted to wait for a few days. After a week, it was still occupying my mind so I snatched it from the display shelf right away!

And I haven’t changed bag since then.

It really is a perfect everyday bag for so many reasons:

1. The straps sling nicely on my shoulder, not too short or too long. 2. It has outer pockets for me to store stuff I need easy access to. 3. The zipper closure keeps everything secured. 4. The inside is spacious, with pockets, both zipped and opened. 5. The striped brown lining makes it easier for me to find my stuff compare to the dark black lining. 6. The structure. It has a classic shape and appropriate for work as well as the weekend, depending on my outfit. 7. The metallic color goes with just about everything. This is actually what won me over. I love the fact that it’s neutral but the hint of shimmer lends a glam vibe.

So yes, I’m happy with my purchase. Thank you, Linda :))

And those are what I think the right formula for an everyday bag. How about you? What’s your criteria for a bag that’s going to take you from weekdays to weekend?