Sweet, Juicy, Fresh Blewah

No this isn’t a post about dessert!

A package from Dewi Sri Spa arrived in our office some time ago and all of us can’t stop raving about it till now!

Blewah Temptation is their newest range and we got to try the body lotion, body butter and body splash. These three products are quickly becoming our staple in the bathroom because they never fail to provide us with a much-needed pick-me-up in our busiest days. If you don’t like the sticky texture of most body butters, you will most probably love this one because it absorbs fast but still hydrates the skin enough.

Whenever someone asks me what the smell is like, my immediate response is always: “Like blewah!” There really is no other way to describe it. But it smells so refreshing and luscious you don’t mind that it reminds you a little bit of your mom’s tajil during Ramadhan :D