Fashion Private – Indonesia’s 1st Private Shopping Club

Do you know what Indonesia need?

Well, aside of good public transportation system, park and other things….we need a place that sells brand new designer goods at affordable prices(!), right?.  I know we can shop online on eBay or other private online shops but thinking about the shipping and the hassle with Bea Cukai really turn me off.

And you know what? Looks like our little wish is heard by the super power above because we now have Fashion Private.

Fashion Private is an exclusive, invitation-only club where members have access to premier-brand sales at up to 80% discounts. We’ve met the people behind Fashion Private sale, so we can assure you about the authenticy about the designer goods that they will be carrying.   And to top it off, they don’t charge you shipping and handling fee. Yes, yes yes!

Since it’s an invitation-only club, you need invitation or some short of a secret code to register. To make it easy for Fashionese Daily readers, they gave us the following link. Feel free to register for a sneak peak of what’s coming ahead!

So you know what to do now besides registering. Hold your shopping urge until it’s finally launched. You know just incase there is a good deal you can’t live without..:)