Biore UV Perfect Milk SPF 50

I begun to love Japanese made sunblock ever since Erweniati bought me a bottle of Nivea Sunblock from her visit there. The patterns that I see with Japanese sunblock, either the drugstore or high-end version, is that they always have non-sticky formula, very light and runny consistency, easily absorbed and dries right away. Some of them leave little white cast or even none at all. Usually they have a wide range of selection, ranging from normal SPF 15 to 30, and even those with SPF 50 are very common.

Biore UV Perfect Milk SPF 50+/PA+++ is one product from Biore’s UV Protection line, which also includes Biore Perfect Face Milk (for matte finish), Bright Face Milk (that gives instant brightening effect) and Moist Face Milk (for more moisturizing benefit). The Perfect Milk in particular, is lighter in consistency than the other types because you can use it in your face and body. Therefore, the size is bigger than the rest, which is 40ml compared to the normal 30ml.

This product is actually widely available within Southeast Asia region, but sadly we don’t have it yet in Indonesia. I bought this product in Bangkok for less than Rp 80,000. I hope, praying really hard, that it will be available soon on our supermarket and drugstore. I’ve found this Sunblock in Kamome Supermarket located in Melawai (where most FDers raved about the ramen place upstairs!), sold for Rp 175,000!

Perfect Milk Sunblock like what I previously described is very lightweight, absorbed easily, very sheer and leave no white cast. However, since it contains traces of alcohol and also has high percentage of glycerin it feels wet on the face. I espescially love how cool it feels when I first put it on. The alcohol contains in this sunblock I suspect is stronger than most, because my sensitive nose can actually smell it but eventhough it is fragranced but I don’t really smell anything discouraging.

It’s perfect for outdoor activities since it’s waterproof and stay on for the whole day. The bottle is so small, I start to carry it around everywhere just in case I need a sunblock touch up for either face or body. It may not be suitable for those with very oily face or for those that doesn’t like wearing primer before your make up because you will not have barrier between the slick sunblock and your make up.

This Sunblock may contains traces of talc, alcohol, silicone and fragrance.

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