Another Weekend Another Wedding

One of my new year resolutions is to wear more Indonesian traditional clothes. I just realized that, as Indonesians, we have been given the privilege to easily access the beautiful and colorful Indonesian fabrics. It would be a shame not to explore more about them and wear them proudly. That’s why when I had two wedding invitations on the first weekend of 2010, I didn’t waste any chance to invade my mom’s closet and grab her kain collections :D

If I were to go out and about, I would’ve worn the jacket with jeans. This time, I paired it with my mom’s long skirt that I folded at the waist to make it shorter. I think they go well together, don’t they? Well at least according to me they do :D. This was for the akad nikah ceremony.

  • Rebecca Taylor Jacket
  • Mom’s skirt
  • House of Leather bag
  • Kenzie wedges

This was for the evening wedding reception. I just wrapped the fabric around and tie it on the side. For a second, I felt like someone who was going to wash her clothes at the nearby river.

  • Victoria Secret lace top. I got it for my wedding seserahan seven years ago :D
  • Kain batik. Ada “prodo” nya (the glittery gold)
  • Mango pumps
  • Snake skin clutch from Belles Du Jour

This was the next day for another wedding. The reception was held right after the akad nikah so I didn’t have to change clothes.

  • Batik dress from some random store in Pejaten Village
  • Faux snake skin peep toe from Toko Dua Amoi
  • Unbranded clutch
  • Necklace from Closet Quickies

Behind the scene pictures..hihi. It was hard to take one good picture with my kids around.

Foto 1: Udah siap.. ehh, ada kepalanya Jehan
Foto 2: Jibran mau deket2, padahal udah diusir-usir pake tangan :D
Foto 3: Dua duanya teteep mau ikutan pose walaupun dari jauh. Ya sudah lah di crop aja :D