Centro Shopping Rally – The Report!

As I informed you in this post, Fashionese Daily was invited to Centro Shopping Rally along with other bloggers/onliners such as best-selling author Sitta Karina, filmmakers Joko Anwar, Ve Handojo, bloggers Silly Stupid Life and Heidy from Fashion Maverick. There were also 20 participants who were selected from more than 500 applicants that day – among them were our own FD forum members: Caesara Ara, Mr. Freddy and ellptcl (FDers are just everywhere! :D). I was also flattered to be invited as one of the speakers during the press conference along with Sisil from Centro  Department Store and Iim Fahima from Virtual Consulting to talk about how brand engagement with their customers are affected by the emergence of online community, such as Fashionese Daily and what we, as consumers, really want from brand owners who are now actively involving themselves in many social media network.

After the press conference, it was announced that we were given only 45 minutes to shop with our vouchers and had to get 15 items. During those manic 45 minutes I learned a few things about myself:

– I can’t shop under pressure. When I have to shop for that many stuff with such little time, I froze and almost walked out of there empty-handed (thank goodness I didn’t!)

– I am not competitive

– I am an extremely picky shopper (I didn’t have to pay for my purchases but I could only manage to get 3 items? Hello?)

Yes yes, it was embarrassing to come on stage with only 3 pieces of clothings in my hand but in my defense, they were all great and usable items okay? I wanted to take pictures of the skirt, blouse and camisole I got but my camera decided to work against me but I promised I will do a Today’s Outfit using those items.

Anyway, despite not fulfilling the challenge, I still enjoyed the shopping rally tremendously. It was a fun event and I could tell that I wasn’t the only one enjoying it. Everywhere I looked, I saw excited faces trying to grab as many stuff as possible in the narrow hallways of Centro Plaza Semanggi. It was madness!

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Some of the participants admitted that they took a peek at Centro’s brand new website and got many tips from there. the new website is polished, easy to navigate and full of information that you actually need from a department store website. We all know that Centro has many cool beauty promotions right? Well you can get those informations from their website. For example, Maybelline is now having a 20% discount for every purchase of 2 items (including lip category) or if you shop Rp. 300.000 at NYX, you can get a free Mega Shine lipgloss.

I can also browse through the photos before heading there myself so I get some ideas on what to buy the next time I’m at Centro, which is really something I should’ve done before the rally :D

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Thank you again Centro Department Store for inviting us and I promise I’ll come back and get a lot more stuff! :)

Photos from Centroholic Facebook and Centro website. You can also follow the on Twitter.