Diana Rikasari for Bloop Endorse


One of the exciting things that happen in Jakarta retail scene this month is the collaboration between fashion blogger Diana Rikasari and Bloop endorse. Diana created a collection called Ebony Afters. A fabulous compilation of the latest trends that are very wearable for your everyday essentials.

Here’s a quick interview with Diana where she explains more about the collection:

So, how far is your involvement in this project?
Untuk Ebony Afters, koleksi ini inspired by various key pieces dari yang lagi in right now, so it’s more like a “compilation of my current favorite pieces”. Aku dan desainer dari Bloop Endorse terlibat dalam pemilihan bahan, penentuan warna¬† dan tweaking the designs here and there.

I see, how did you come up with the design? From what I see on your blog, you like to mix prints and colors, but this collection is more clean and sleek and consists of a lot of black, any reason behind that?
As I said before, it’s more like a “compilation of my current favorite pieces”. Jadi memang bener-bener pieces yang aku lagi suka banget either itu dari runway, high-street brands, but with some tweaks of my own. Regarding my love for colors, I decided to provide something easy and wearable for most people, black is an all-time color, cocok untuk segala occasion and body type, so hopefully the collection will be well-accepted by many young ladies out there :)

So how many pieces in total and how many are going to be produced?
16 pieces in total.¬† Semua yang aku pake di foto-foto materi promosi itu dari koleksi Ebony Afters, yang tidak termasuk hanya sepatu and accessories :). Mengenai jumlah produksi, kita enggak banyak sih karena tujuan dasarnya adalah membuat koleksi yang sifatnya limited-edition, so grab em before they’re gone! hehehe….

If one can only get one item from your collection. Which one would you recommend?
Hhhmm…sequin-shoulders batwing top deh! heheh..

Thank you for the interview Diana. Congratulation once again on the fantastic project…:)

Diana Rikasari for Bloop Endorse can be found in Bloop Endorse, Tebet or www.bloopendorse.com

So who’s getting what? Tell us please…:))