Outlet shopping in Bogor: Good Selection and Prices in a Compact-sized Area

Outlet shopping is a phenomenon that started around the early ’90s, when the economic boom resulted in quick turnaround of fashion items, necessitating an outlet for clearing out inventories. In time, Indonesian outlets added clothing samples, overstocks and items that didn’t meet the exacting quality of export markets, and voila, outlet shopping, Indonesian-style. Bandung has been the center of outlet shopping in Indonesia, but in the last few years, Bogor has also developed a crop of shops worth visiting.

The main cluster of shops is located on the leafy and tree-lined street of Jalan Pajajaran. As you arrive in Bogor from the toll road, just take a right and continue about half a kilometer, where you’ll find the first of the outlet shops on the right side of the street. Continue down the Jalan Pajajaran for about a kilometer, and you’ll find many more of these stores, both on the right and left sides of the street.

FO Outlet strip2

The strip of outlets on Jalan Pajajaran, Bogor

My favorite amongst the Pajajaran Outlet Strip, as I call it, is the Bogor Boutique Outlet. I think it’s the largest store on the Strip, selling a wider array of clothing for men, women and children, some shoes and bedding items. But it’s become my favorite not for its large selection of goods, but rather the one-of-a-kind surprises I might find there.

While researching for this article, for example, I found a red two-piece bathing suit. It was the last piece and cost Rp40,000 and no, I’m not missing a zero there. Don’t go looking for it though, ’cause I bought it. :D On another visit, I  found a great dress for Rp60,000; only one piece available and just my size. I wore the dress to my brother’s wedding ceremony, it’s that good. Yes, luck plays a big part but there’s never a visit without finding some great item(s).

Boutique Outlet & Swimsuit

Boutique Outlet and a two-piece swimsuit I found for Rp40,000!

The Strip, however, can be a bit crowded and hectic, especially since food stalls have also been popping up next to the shops. For a bit of leisurely FO retail therapy, head to The Livingroom. It’s a bit out of the way, but if you continue down Jalan Pajajaran, you’ll see their series of street signs, just follow it for about 3 kilometers from the Strip.

Housed in a three-story building, in The Livingroom you can find the usual clothes for men, women and kids, a good selection of woman’s accessories, and some silk batik scarves. But don’t expect floor-to-ceiling piles of clothes there, because The Livingroom is arranged just like a high-end department store where the aisles between clothes racks are wide, and the changing rooms spacious enough to fit 3-4 people (and I’m not even kidding). The air is hushed, with a few seats peppered around the store to sit and relax between browsing. There’s also a small café with free wi-fi on the second floor where friends or family can wait for the shopaholics.

The Livingroom & SOT

The Livingroom and SOT factory outlets in Bogor

Another of my favorite FO is also located out of the way. As you exit the toll road, take a left, then immediately another left (that is, this is the first left as you exit the toll road). Follow that street for about half a kilometer, and you’ll come to a high school on your right; make a right turn just after the high school, continue for about 50 meters and the S.O.T. shop will be on your right. The shop is very small, but it’s got a good selection of winter clothes, including gloves and hats, and men’s jackets for very reasonable prices. The place sells clothes destined for the European market, so the brands available here I haven’t been finding elsewhere.

There you go, my recommendations. Of course there are other shops, and I’d love to hear about your favorite shops; please write it in the comment box.