Brooches and Smooches

forever21 rhinestone brooch

Brooch is a classic. That is, not to be confused with old-fashioned!

A brooch could glam up your outfit or cheer up your otherwise gloomy colored top (I, as an example, wear black top way too often).  Brooch has come in so many different designs, you could choose one to suit your likings. Formal, casual and everything in between.

Formal occasions usually call for a simpler kind, maybe with a little bling on it. For pretty cocktail parties or going out on a Saturday night, choose big, bold or fun shapes.

How do you wear your brooch? Usually you pin it to your blouse. I usually do that, or pin the brooch to my scarf (Cottonink tubular shawl, anyone?). In any case, I’m always on the look out for pretty brooches to add to my accessories collection.

fun brooches

Top brooch: Forever 21
First row, L-R: Swarovski, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Topshop
Second row, L-R: Banana Republic, Tiffany & Co, Lanvin

Images courtesy of the respective brands product pages