JFW 09 – Day 2: Cocktail Party Makeup by LT Pro

In conjuction with Jakarta Fashion Week 2009, LT Pro as the official sponsor of the event held several beauty classes featuring different looks and make up artists in every session. If on the first day LT Pro team had shown us the beautiful makeup for Indonesian traditional weddings, on the second day Philip Kwok shows the audience how to use colours on your eyes for cocktail party look. As many of us experience, using vibrant colours on your eyes can be a little bit scary. On this beauty class, Philip shows us the result of combining three different colours on your eyes, and the result is still beautiful instead of scary.


Here are some tips from Philip on creating the makeup for cocktail party:

  • Start with Dual Function, which contains silica that will help your make up stays all day long and won’t budge because of water and sebum. Continue with covering your imperfection using concealer.
  • Lavish on loose powder to set your base make up. Finish your face makeup by applying two way cake using brush. Philip recommends to avoid applying two way cake using sponge at all cost. It would be too heavy and cakey which will result on powder cracking in the middle of the day.
  • Shading should be applied wisely. Do not go overboard with this.
  • To make your makeup stays longer, La Tulip has face mist product which Philip sprayed at the end of creating the face look.
  • If you find that you need to touch up after few hours, spray face mist on your face and dab sponge on your slightly moist face. This will help to refresh your makeup and lift all the sebum from your face.
  • Do not forget to wash your sponge every 2 days, or else it will become the favourite place for bacteria.
  • Matte eyeshadow shouldn’t be used on it’s own. Match matte with pearly or shimmery textured eyeshadow. Matte against matte would be harder to blend, whereas using two different textures will help to blend the eyeshadow more easily and create the gradation perfectly.
  • To make your eyeshadow stay longer and the colour pop, spray your eyeshadow brush with face mist before applying your eyeshadow.
  • If you have dark coloured lip corner you can easily cover this by dabbing your eyeshadow brush in your two way cake and cover them with it.
  • Making gold fish face when applying your blush is a total no! Because no blush actually goes down to your lips. Instead apply it while smiling, and as we all know it’s better to start from the direction of outer to inner part of the face.

Mango also showcase their cocktail party outfit during the beauty class.


What’s interesting during the beauty class was the competition held during the end of the event. Philip challenged the women audience to apply cocktail party makeup using the eye and lip palette from the goody bag in more or less 10 minutes times.


And Philip, we’re so envious of your palette!