Combining Dress with Boots for JFW 09 – Day 2

Chloe-Sevigny, Chloe on Elle magazine,

I always find Chloe Sevigny’s style inspirational, although sometimes she can be tad too much for my liking. Like these pictures for instance, she pair her dresses with ankle boots and it give the look completely different vibes. As for the middle photo, I can actually picture my dull looking three pieces suit looking more lively with an interesting ankle boots.

During the weekends, I always try to wear something that I can’t wear during the week days. For the LT Pro Beauty Class yesterday I try to pair up my office appropriate dress with a pair of ankle boots, which obviously I could not wear to the office.


  • Custom made dress
  • Mango belt
  • Charles & Keith clutch
  • Ankle boots from eBay
  • Forever 21 Bangle & Ring