The Many Faces of Rihanna

Yes, we’re still obsessing over Rihanna! :D Her free online concert is just a few hours away and this is the last installment of our Rihanna series and of course we can’t end it without talking about Rihanna’s fabulous makeup!

I think one of the things that makes Rihanna stand out as an artist is because she’s not afraid to push the envelope with her image. It’s not just her outfit or haircut she’s experimenting with, she also makes sure her makeup gets its share of the spotlight!

Rihanna has a naturally healthy-looking, glowy skin. Her makeup artist, Mylah Morales, said “I’m all about the skin!” and always asked Rihanna to hydrate her skin well before any red carpet event. Well, we’ve heard it all before. Good-looking skin makes good-looking makeup so it’s no wonder why Riri’s makeup always looks gorgeous.

She loves pairing sexy, bold, jewel-tone eyeshadows with nude lips.

makeup collage1

Other times, she’s fearlessly doing both eyes and lips strong, with her signature winged eyeshadow/liner paired with fuchsia or scarlet lips.

makeup collage 2

But I think she’s the most beautiful when she softens it down, flawless dewy skin, softly contoured cheeks, subtle eye and lip color and beautiful, flirtatious lashes. There’s sexiness but also demureness to the whole look.

makeup collage3

In the promo video of her online live performance, Rihanna is sporting glossy pale lilac lips paired with insanely long lashes which I’m kinda keen to try :D I wonder what she’s going to look like on the concert itself!

If you want to find out, don’t forget to sign up here to witness the biggest free music event of the year! Rihanna will be performing some songs from her Rated R album from a secret London location and thanks to Nokia, we can watch it online! Don’t forget the date : Monday, 16th of November 2009!