Pond’s Age Miracle Bazaar Fashion Moviechestra, Fabulous 30s

On October 28 2009, Pond’s Age Miracle presented Bazaar Fashion Moviechestra. A brilliant collaboration between fashion, movie and music that took place in Ritz Carlton, Pacific Place. Magenta Orchestra, led by Andi Rianto was in charge for the music arrangement while Krisdayanti, Dewi Sandra, Bunga Cinta Lestari, Afgan and Mike Mohede entertained us with their awesome voices.


This star-studded event was, by far, one of the most memorable shows I’ve been to. The purpose of the event was to celebrate and appreciate Indonesian women and their beauty. You can bet there were so many 30 something women at the event, fabulously wearing a touch of red on their outfits.

Four designers participated in the event. Each of them were given a task to design a collection inspired by the following movies; Ca Bau Kan, Cinta Silver, Arisan, Love. Since the main theme is to celebrate women, the movie selected were also the ones that revolve around women.

Sally Koeswanto – Ca bau Kan (Women and tradition)
This movie has a strong Chinese and Batavian touch. Sally translated that to a collection filled with red, gold and dragon-inspired prints. Gladiator heels worn by the models emphasized the toughness of Giok Lan’s struggle in searching for her heritage.


Ari Seputra – Cinta Silver (Women and Beauty)
Bali is the setting of the movie. We all know that the alluring island offers many colors and textures that can be easily visualized towards a collection. Bright vibrant colors such as fuchsia, orange and gold mixed beautifully into an origami, rhombus, wave and petal flower detailing.


Arantxa Adi – Arisan (Women and Life)
This one was an interesting one because the whole cast, from Cut Mini, Rachel Maryam, Nia Dinata, Tora Sudiro and Surya Syahputra made a cameo on the runway. Acong presented an elegant and modern collection with soft palette. The bouffant hair completed the portrayal of ibu ibu sosialista beautifully.


Barli Asmara – Love (Women & Love)
When women fall in love, they feel dreamy, romantic and glamorous. Barli projected that feeling towards collection with exceptional finishing in detail. Cotton candy colors, bows and balloons illustrated the feeling perfectly.