The Art of Thrifting

Yes, some people consider thrifting as art. It requires good eyes to spot real treasures from the junk. You will need imagination to create the perfect outfit using the thrifted items and pairing them with your existing clothes in your mind or to imagine what alterations needed to be done to improve those items. It also requires patience and dedications because it might take a while before you find real gems.

But for some, thrifting can also be considered a sport. You will need endurance to brave those hot and dusty ‘lapaks’ because sometimes you have to browse around for hours before you can call it a day and bring home a bag full of valuable one-of-a-kind items. Thrifting also requires speed… That is, to snatch precious items from the hands of your indecisive friends! :D

This was the second item that I ‘stole’ from Vanya when she was rummaging around the vintage section at Closet Quickies (a.k.a our office). She was still deciding whether or not she’d look good in it when I snatched it from her hands, brought it to the fitting room and put it in my bag quicker than she could say “Fashion thief!” :D . The top may look simple from afar but it actually has tiny gold threads which adds a bit of glam and it is perfect for layering in this weather. I added an obi belt and thought it gave my outfit a little Japanese touch! So thanks, Vanya! :D

TO thrift edit

Zara White tank top

Thrifted kimono top

Vesperine Obi belt

Guess skinny jeans

Nine West stacked heels

Unbranded hand-made necklace from my mom

Alun-alun Indonesia batik bangle