Got an App For That?


Loving your iPhone? We do too. We all have our favorite App and it would be impossible to list them all.  But here is my attempt to short-list some apps that fashion enthusiasts could be interested in. (free)
Ready-to-wear shows, style file blog, look of the day and more. Recommended for fashion enthusiasts. (free)
Browse retailers’ selections of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Awesome for getting ideas on your next outfit getups.

Touchcloset ($2.99)
Keep track of your wardrobe items, access them on the fly, picking out what to bring before you’re even start packing, and lots of other features. We heard it’s really fun to be playing with your own wardrobe ;)

iShoes and iBags (free)
Respectively, find the latest shoes and bags. Find out where you can get them and how much they would dent your wallet. Time flies when I play with this app.

FMC (free)
FMC stands for Free Menstrual Calendar. What I like about it that you could get a glance on when you should expect your period, when you are ovulating (useful if you are TTC, or even you are not). The plus side: it doesn’t spell m-e-n-s-t-r-u-a-l on the iPhone dashboard (discretion, people!), has an optional privacy code and more.

SpendLite (free)
I’m big on noting down my small purchases. With this app, I keep track of my spending and the remaining budget allocation.

Evernote (free)
You can create multiple lists (say, for noting down what items you want to snatch at that Zara sale, maybe?) and access it from your desktop as well. The best note taking app I’ve tried so far.

Stanza (free)
The fabulous eBook reader. You can download paid ebooks and free ones.

Share your favorite app with us!

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