Fresh (re)Start

685265_85979001 (Medium)After a long holiday and the fun-filled times with friends and families, it’s time to go back to reality and face the tons of emails and documents at work. Definitely not something you look forward to and the mood would drop each time the going-back-to-work-day is near.

So how do we handle this so-called-laziness and bring back the work passion to its maximum (well, average) level? Here are some tips that may help:

1. Don’t lose time. Start realizing as the end of the holiday gets near that you should prepare yourself for work. Try not to make so many appointments and do activities on your last day of holiday. Instead, try to relax. Pamper yourself to a spa or movies to refresh yourself.

2. If you travel during holiday, make sure you come back earlier. Since for me, Lebaran Holiday means “mudik” to visit my parents & family in Indonesia, I make sure that I schedule my return a day early. So I will have one full day doing nothing but relax at home, before I start work the next day.

3. Think of happy thoughts about work. Yes, the work may be abundance. Reading the emails alone would probably take you all day. But think that going back to work means you will meet your friends/co-workers and you can start making lunch dates with them again.

4. Share your travel stories and gifts with your co-workers/friends at work. I’m sure they all want to hear the stories.

5. Wake up early on the day back to work to avoid the traffic rush, dress up and show the difference of long holiday may work on you. Bring your mood with upbeat tempo music in your ipod while prepare yourself to work or on the way to work. It’ll make a difference in your mood.

Hope the simple tips would help you freshen up and get ready back to work. Stay happy and fresh on your first day!