Back To The Office

After a few months working mostly from home, I am now starting to go to the office regularly again. While our working environment is very relax, I still need to choose my outfit rather carefully because there’s always a possibility to go to a last minute meeting. Today, I wear my most basic office wear – black shirt, wide legged pants and a pair of flats. Because the weather was a bit chilly this morning, I put on a cardigan. To spice up the look, I also piled up on some interesting-looking accessories (well at least they’re interesting in my opinion :) )


  • Vintage crochet top
  • Unbranded black tank top
  • Unbranded black cardigan
  • F21 striped grey wide-legged pants
  • Melissa flats
  • Vintage nefertiti necklace
  • Faux pearl necklace with white flower brooch from Closet Quickies
  • Topshop beaded bracelets worn together with some shell beaded and blue beaded bracelets
  • Hellolulu 2 ways Laptop Case in Sergeant

TO2sept kalung

By the way, this was taken in front of FD office / Closet Quickies boutique a few hours before the earthquake. We were all shocked and frightened but thank God everybody is fine. We hope you and your family are all okay too. Stay safe, guys!