Get Your “Crown” From Nefertiti Jewelz

I’m a bit obsessed with headbands, I have about 10 and am always on the lookout for more. It is perhaps the reason why I watch Gossip Girl, because I enjoy seeing Blair Wardorf giving people the bone-chillingly cold stares while wearing her trademark headbands. Okay, I also enjoy the mindlessly but fantastically unrealistic story line a little bit too much but I’m not here to discuss that :)

A few years ago, it wasn’t easy to find cool headbands with a friendly price tag in this country. Now, there are more and more options available and you can even buy them online. Nefertiti Jewelz is one brand that offers a wide selection of headbands, as well as other accessories such as corsage and necklaces. I can not decide which headband I’m gonna get because they are all oh so cute! Just look at this stunning vintage-looking, beret-style headband!


Or if you want to create a statement with your accessory, simply put these headbands which have extravagant yet ultra-feminine details like Diana-2 or Rose-1.



And believe me ladies, I am only showing you a few. There are many more where these came from. They even have some new collection in production and some of the items look similar to the ones our favorite Upper-East Side princess wore! The good news is, all of these headbands are less than Rp. 100.000

Nefertiti Jewelz headbands are available in their facebook page and Bloop Endorse.

Image courtesy of Nefertiti Jewelz