RoC Minesol Triple Defense SPF 50+ Very High Protection Fluid Cream

If you haven’t jumped on the sunscreen bandwagon, you need to start immediately. I’m sure you’ve heard it all. How Image RoC Minesol Triple Defense SPF 50+UV radiation can cause harms such as sunburn, premature aging to skin cancer, how we need to use sunscreens correctly, and the whole nine yards.  However when it comes to making the efforts to actually apply these advices, not all of us do it. To be honest, I was one of those people. I used sunscreen everyday but without even bothering to make sure if the product I used had an adequate sun protection or whether or not I used it correctly. It wasn’t until a sad incident ‘woke me up’ and made me realize that I really need to get serious about protecting myself against the harmful UV. So I began to look for more accurate information and searched for sunscreen products that fit the requirements.

The current sunscreen that I am using is RoC Minesol Triple Defense SPF 50+ Very High Protection Fluid Cream. This dermatologist-developed, fragrance-free cream offers high protection to sun for all skin types, even the most sensitive kind. It has a patented Minesol technology:

  • Anti-UVB : Tinosorb M+S, Octocryléne which are broad-spectrum filters that protects against sunburns
  • Anti-UVA : Univul A+, Parsol 1789 which protects our skin from UVA rays, responsible for premature skin aging.
  • Anti-Oxidant : Feverfew PPE™, a natural active ingredient that will increase the natural defenses of skin and fight against the deterioration of skin cells.

It’s a very thick cream and feels a bit sticky on the skin, but not greasy. After I apply it, I usually let it absorb before putting on any makeup. Surprisingly, it doesn’t make my skin more oily after a few hours like most sunscreens do and for that alone, I decided that this product is a keeper. Moreever, I’ve been using it for approximately a month now and happy to report that I don’t experience any breakouts or any allergy reactions. It does, however, leave a slight white cast on my face but if you blend it evenly (which is a bit tough as the texture is very thick), the white cast is not so obvious. After I apply foundation or powder over it, I can no longer see it.

There’s also a spray version of this sunscreen and it looks like you can also use it for your body. I wonder if it’s available in Indonesia.

Anyway, RoC Minesol Triple Defense SPF 50+ Very High Protection Fluid Cream is available in major drugstores and department stores in Indonesia and retails for Rp. 250.000 (50 ml)

If you are still unsure about how to choose the right sunscreen and the correct way to use it, we will also be posting a guide to sunscreens soon, so make sure you stay tuned for that!

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