I Love Me Some Blazers!

I forgot how and when the addiction started, but I do know that it doesn’t seem to subside anytime soon. I just love blazer/jacket that much. I have about 50 and I consider that a lot, heck I don’t even have that many shoes..:D. But it’s an investment, riighht?..Most of mine is still in excellent condition and wearing blazer is such an easy way to take your whole outfit up a notch, even though the rest of it is just your regular jeans and shoes..:)


  • Sole Mio (or is it Miss Me?..well I consider them sisters anyway) trench style jacket. Love that charmeuse color, the one thing that turned me off a little is the lining is in Burberry printed plaid, but no one can see it anyway..:D
  • Orange Jeans
  • Mossimo Peep Toe
  • Chanel Coco Cabas


  • Rebecca Taylor Jacket
  • Orange Jeans
  • Burberry Manor Bag
  • Charles & Keith Nude Patent Shoes