FD 1st Big Gathering – Here’s The Report!

The night before:

Hanzky and I were having a meeting with our MCs - Purplerebel and Tjetjep – at Pejaten Village until 10 PM. When we got home, we still couldn’t rest because there were a few small, but important stuff, we needed to do. I ended up going to bed at around 2 that night, Hanzky went even later.

The morning:

Woke up late! I never got ready so fast and immediately hopped on my car to go to Casa Grande. On my way there, Uberboston messaged me to say she was already there. I drove faster. The catering guy called and said he was ready at the venue with the lasagna. I was feeling a little nervous about the gathering but tried to reassure myself that everything went as planned.

At Casa Grande:

When I arrived, I immediately calmed down to see the venue looking so chic and beautiful. I set up FD banner, rechecked the rundown with Virtual Consulting marketing team, briefed the MCs – while Hanzky finished up the powerpoint presentation. Purplerebel and Tjejetp got their makeup done by Ida Farida, YSL Makeup Artist and they both looked stunning! I immediately sat down in the chair and asked her to do my makeup too. Tried the Rouge Volupte in Forbidden Burgundy which I ended up buying.

Deszell arrived looking fab in her purple vintage dress and killer red heels. Shortly after that, Kembang Gula also arrived with 150 boxes of scrumptious snacks to be given to all guests. The preparation was beginning to wrap up and we were ready to welcome the lovely FD-ers!

The event

From 1.30 PM, guests started showing up. Some brought their stuff to be sold at the lapak, some came early to check out the event and talk to us. By about 2.30 PM, the venue was filled with beautiful ladies, all dressed in various shades of purple.

Purplerebel and Tjetjep opened the event and called Hanzky and myself, where we proceeded with greeting our forum members and did a brief presentation of who we are, how FD started and formally introduced the new layout and photo gallery.

The MCs then threw out some questions regarding Fashionese Daily and those who answered correctly received some cool prizes. Among the questions? “Who was the very first person who registered to the forum?” Can you guess? :)

Mr. Paulus from Casa Grande then did a short a presentation about the apartment and other properties they planned to build on the location. I guess we all agreed that the show units of the apartments we saw were to-die-for!

After that, Ida Farida, YSL makeup artist,  and the fabulous Pungky, YSL Product Manager, were called to the stage and they did a makeup demo on one of our forum members, missajeng. Pungky talked briefly about YSL’s new brand statement “Addicted to love, dedicated to life. Let’s fight against boredom”. She also gave all of us at the event a new lemming: Top Secret! Ida then showed us how to do “from day to night” makeup using a wide range of YSL products, while answering questions from the always-curious FD-ers.

Next, it was Wacoal‘s turn. Ms. Melinda from Wacoal gave an interesting presentation about how to choose the right bra size, what undergarment to wear with certain types of clothes and the different range of Wacoal products. The Wacoal booth also provided free measuring service for FD-ers who want to know if they’ve been wearing the right bra size. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to do it!

The rest of the event was all fun and games. We gave away even more prizes by asking questions, games, awards and doorprizes. Niamara was given an award for her Today’s Outfit, while Kika won it for the best FOTD. We also gave a special award for Silvershore_lake for her contributions in keeping the forum in order. Think you can get away with one small violation? Think again because Silvershore_lake is watching even when the mods are not! :D

Even though the venue was filled with beautiful women wearing purple, we had to choose the best dressed winners and they were Ijoli and Lila! Ijoli later told me that it was her first time wearing the vintage dress and she was so surprised we picked her. But believe us, she looked gorgeous :)

The closing

It was hard to describe how we felt after the event was done and guests started to leave one by one. We were happy, proud and most of all thankful of every one of you who made the event a successful and fun one. We would love to do it again soon!

We would like thank the following:




Casa Grande residence

Grande Body Life

Bale Bale Spa

Merasyi Kitchen



Joy Green Tea



Hers Magazine

Female Radio

Special thanks to the lovely FD-ers for their wonderful support:

Purplerebel, Tjetjep, Lucy, Lena, Juleha, Nik, Shopfreaks, Kembang Gula and MrsRance.

Also to Virtual Consulting and all of FD crew members for a fantastic teamwork.






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