New Toy: Nokia N97


I’ll be the first to admit, I am not a gadget freak. I don’t jump up and down uponĀ  hearing the launch of a new smart phone or go straight out and buy it, I’d rather wait for people to start using the device, read the reviews and then make a decision from that point on.

Apart from the basic functions of a phone, I’d like my smart phones to be sort of like my “away-from-home” computer or at least as close to that as possible. So the most important for me to look for in a smart phone is it should enable me to do some work-related tasks, such as reading and writing e-mails, browsing, writing notes, chatting and doing conference calls with colleagues and clients. And It would be cool if the phone can also act as my digital camera and music player because I hate having to carry so many things in my purse.

When I saw Nokia N97, the first thing that I noticed was the combination of touch-screen and a qwerty keyboard. I love it! I can use the full touch screen with just one hand, but when I needed to type things, I just slide the phone and use the keyboard “communicator-style”.

This phone has so many features that it seemed a bit intimidating at first, but then after playing with it for a few hours I realized that, just like my other Nokia phones, it is very easy to use. And once I got the hang of it, I could start exploring all the fun little widgets – applications that are available on the desktop. Among many, I’ve got maps, accuweather, and facebook at the tip of my fingers. The facebook widget, I have to admit, is a lot better than the other facebook mobile application I use. The status updates are displayed on the desktop in real-time. It also has a better layout and is a lot easier to navigate. If you’re the type of person who needs to be constantly connected to your facebook account, you will find this very useful.

There are a lot more other widgets to discover using N97 that I can download from Ovi store, Nokia’s brand new digital store. I have a feeling it’s going to keep me busy and entertained for a long time to come! Needless to say, if you want to maximize all these cool widgets, you need a reliable and possibly unlimited data plan, which worried me a bit because I don’t have that yet. However, I can also use the Wi-Fi connection whenever possible. To me, this is something Nokia should think about – providing an affordable and unlimited data plan so N97 users can maximize the features without worrying about breaking the bank. I am sure it would be the icing on an otherwise already very tasty cake.

Other things that I think are worth mentioning are the memory aspect and the 5MP camera in this phone. With an internal memory of 32 GB, I don’t have to worry about not having enough memory to store my music and images. I can finally leave my digital camera and iPod at home!

I’ve only been using N97 for a little over a week and still have plenty of other features to master. But I think it’s already safe for me to say that N97 has met my needs and beyond. I am looking forward to try going out a full day without my laptop and use this to get some work done – and find out if it can really be my ‘away from home’ computer.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that this thing looks so stylish! :)

  • denisa

    wow, iPhone-wannabe.

    harganya 7.8 juta. it has nice features but honestly i don’t think many people (in Indo) would want to choose it over BB. sebagus2nya FB widgetnya, tetep aja lebih penting bisa akses Internet (FB, email, chat, dll) anytime anywhere dgn unlimited plan seperti BB.

  • shizuoka

    yes koukla! i love this phone at first sight :D

  • MrsRance

    Tempting dehh :D

  • John

    I am no gadget freak, but…
    I want one!

  • dessy

    still stick to my E71..nice design (luv the white colour so muchh!!) slim..and cheap price compare to the tech it have hihihi..but if got more money to spend i would luv to try this one..btw do u have ovi id? :)

  • missmarshmallow

    def in my wish list now,,, i’ll choose this rather than bold

  • Crestin

    i still love N97. just plan to buy one,,

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